What About Me

Hey Everyone!

I’m Barb.  Beer connoisseur, tv host, actress, lifestyle expert, adventure junky, entertainer, world traveler, blogger, plastic surgeon and current Speaker of the House of Representatives.  Some of that isn’t correct, but I’ll let you figure that out.  I have been pretending like I know what I’m talking about for most of my life, so I figured a blog would fit right in.

I grew up in a very small town in Ohio…Steubenville. If you jokingly say Stupidsville to yourself I will hunt you down and kick you in the balls.  Anyway, I attended Catholic school…elementary and high school, which was a dream come true (sorry, there will be sarcasm) and was an athlete and marching band member. Geek Alert!  While I was not the greatest trumpet or French horn player the band had ever produced…I was however; an amazing runner…hurdles to be exact and I became the schools first state champion in the history of the school.  Like…I mean…in anything…football, baseball, swimming, doesn’t matter…yes, little ole’ me was the first and that lead me to Ohio University.  Maybe, THE most amazing 4 years of my life.  If you hate college, you’re doing it wrong.

During college, I was invited to work at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, which was crazy-town amazing.  I was able to meet and work with so many athletes I had admired forever.  While there, I was hit by the modeling bug and started doing runway and print work.  You can find some of my current work in “Day Job.   And, of course, I partied.

4017After a few years, I moved to Michigan…and let me tell you…it was no picnic.  I lived in a dump that had mushrooms growing in the bathroom and worked the graveyard shift at UPS scanning and hauling engine parts onto a semi-truck to go to a factory.  Folks…everyone has tough times and no one’s life is a cakewalk, no matter how much you would like to believe it.  I had a few more tough jobs like that and then by grace, started working at an ad agency where life totally changed.  The man who hired me will be in my good graces forever…even if he burns down Detroit.  I got back into modeling and trade shows, did a few figure competitions and started doing a ton of commercials and industrial films and it’s been a slow ride up ever since.

I have always loved beer but being in the Mitten State has broadened my knowledge and taste buds exponentially. I stopped being a passive beer drinker to becoming an active beer lover.  And who doesn’t love an active lover.  Because I also passionately love to travel, I have been able to drink beer all over the world…London Porter in London, Tsingtao in China and Leffe Dartk in Dubai ( they didn’t have their own brewery at the time…oh…still don’t).  Traveling to these amazing places has truly shaped how I feel about my fellowman and has changed the lens I see people through.  I have been graciously welcomed in every country I have ever been to and have met lifelong connections along the way.  I want to share my connections with you.

Prost, Aclamaciones, Evviva, Sláinte, Okrzyki, Cheers!