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One Minute Beer Buzz Eps 4 – “Top 5 Beer/Food Establishments in Metro Detroit”

April 14, 2016

Have you been waiting with bated breath for a shiny new edition of “1 Minute Beer Buzz”?



Well here it is anyway.

P.S. All OMBB Episodes can be viewed, savored and enjoyed over at YouTube Adventures N Ales Detroit.


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Pregnant? Good! Let Me Be the First to Insult You!

April 1, 2016

“The mob is fickle brother.”


Only a few more weeks left in my first pregnancy and I have had this ever-growing need to write about all of the shi$$y things people have said to me throughout my term. I’m writing this because people are clearly not cognizant about what comes out of their mouths. (Or maybe they are??? Who knows?)  Anywho, I figured you guys would get a kick outta reading what people have said to me.  Grab the Visine, as there will be some hard eye-rolling going on as you read.

My initial statement or the “theme” of the comments are in BOLD and the replies from people are in ITALIC.  Try to hold yourself back from stating it is more about MY hormones or ME being sensitive because if you know me, even a little, you know I’m not an overly sensitive person….even being pregnant.

These are all actual comments verbatim and in chronological order that I, at first, blew off but then realized they were all filed away in my “File Cabinet for Pettiness” and I needed to share them with the world because…the cabinet is FULL!   If you recognize a statement you said here, Petty LaBelle, no need to get in your feelings about it…just do better next time with the next pregnant lady you encounter. *sideeye*


Let’s quit wasting time and get into it shall we?

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