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20 U.S. Breweries You Should At Least Visit Once

January 28, 2016

Where have I been the past couple of weeks??? WORKING!  This blog does not pay my bills…or even cover a stick of gum.  So, I had to head on down to the North American International Autoshow for a week and THEN work the stroll on “The Great White Way” aka New York for another week.  More importantly, I had to go out and MAKE SOME MONEY! Pimpin’ aint easy.

What I was NOT doing was hitting these amazing breweries listed. I have, however; been to and thoroughly enjoyed 4 on the list…Russian River, Cigar City, New Belgium and Tired Hands.  New Belgium was my favorite. The facility is massive and super cool.  The people are fun, laid back and super cool. And the beer is delicious and…you know…super cool.


This picture is actually from Oskar Blues Brewery but they are only about 50 minutes away so I visited both. If you are in the area DO IT!

OK. Enough about me. Lets get to the list. Let me know which ones you have gone to and your thoughts on the brewery AND their beer. I’d love to hear your likes and dislikes. Click on the frame below to get to the good stuff…

Screenshot 2016-01-28 18.21.35

Bucket List Breweries


Satisfying Stouts Saturate The Superior State or “My List Of Top MI Stouts”

January 8, 2016

I almost can’t believe it. Am I an idiot or what? This question is PURELY rhetorical. Don’t send me private messages agreeing with me.

It’s January and I have NOT put out “My List of Top Michigan Stouts!

Who am I?

Because it’s already January AND most Stout Weeks have come and gone AND most of you have already drank your little heart’s desire of stouts this season…I will make this brief. I love my stouts like I love my men…meaty and not too sweet (don’t ask)…so you won’t see many milk stouts on here.  Imperial and Bourbon Barrels are my favs so this list will be heavy on those. This list is not in order of importance…I love them all equally.  Let’s start the show…


Kuhnhenn Bourbon Barrel American Imperial Stout

Screenshot 2016-01-07 16.40.31

Those 6 little words are the only ones you need to know for complete joy and pure happiness. If you EVER get a chance to wrap your lips around this luscious, creamy, bitter, toasty, nectar of the gods…then you have finally reached nirvana. Don’t I LOOK happy???

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