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August 2015


Getting Old Is For The Birds

August 19, 2015

Do I really need to type more than this?

Well…to really make you sad, how about some aging celebrities!

They have the money, power AND fame to stop time…AND CAN’T!!!

The rest of us have no hope.

No hope at all…

*chugs glass of wine*

In order…

Boy George (who I love with all my heart), Carrie Fisher, Jessica Simpson, Eddie Van Halen

images images-4 images-3 images-2



Pictures compliments of Instagram and Pintrest


Avocado Brown Rice Stuffed Peppers: See? I Can Cook Without Beer!

August 6, 2015

I’m posting this because this recipe was…IS delicious. I took a little bit from a whole bunch of different recipes I could remember and put them together.  I now present to you…

Avocado Brown Rice Stuffed Peppers!

The measurements are huge because I made a ton of this for the week and please feel free to add and remove items to your liking. I like VERY robust flavors in my food..almost overwhelming, so know that. Also, some things I eyeballed (the salad) and some I measured(the dressing).  I don’t have a lot of pictures because I had no idea it would tun out this delicious!


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I Swear This Is My First Time! (A Look Back To My First Beer)

August 6, 2015

Yes. This is a picture of Athens. Yes. I went to OU. Yes. The parties were as good as Playboy says. Onto the story.

My first experience into beer drinking.


I could end the post right here and everyone would get it.  I think we all have a lot of “firsts” when we go to college.  I was..or am a late bloomer with everything so I did not drink in high school like a lot of people…I actually didn’t drink my first year in college either.  I know…I was totally a bore.  Don’t worry, I am making up for it as I go along in life. *wink*.  

Back to my first time… 

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