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July 2015


New York, Melting Pot or Melting Pit: The Last 60 Minutes To My Hotel

July 29, 2015

Throwback post to a time in my beloved home away from home.  New York.

I think you all know I’m in NY right now working. No…no Korean Spa…well…maybe later.  Anyway…So when I realized the train was a block from my hotel, I HAD to scoot on over to see if I could catch a musical in Times Square.  Memphis was 60% off at TKTS and I scored an Orchestra seat!  SHWING!

But this is just fluff. The real reason I’m writing is because I really love New York…no…I REALLY love New York.  It is not only great for the soul, it is GREAT for my ego!!  Growing up looking like an overplucked big bird, if I had known about NY earlier in life, I would have come here looooooong time ago.

So… This very short story doesn’t start 4 hours ago when I headed to Time Square…it starts 6o minutes ago heading BACK from Times Square.

In 60 minutes I was hit on by…

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Milk Does The Body Good, But Only If It Is Real Milk

July 23, 2015

Yes. This milk is in a box.
Yes. I got it for one dollar at Dollar Tree.
Yes. It was sitting on a shelf next to the fake Coke (Foka Cola). Not refrigerated.
Yes. It says it can sit in your pantry until 3/16.
Yes. I said March of 2016.
Yes. It smells odd.
Yes. It tastes odder.
Yes. I got this because my very cheap Mom buys it and I thought “how bad can this be”?
Yes. I choked down two glasses because I polished off a whole box of Oreos.
Yes. It is STILL weird.
Yes. I should have never started with those Oreos…

Yes. I officially hate myself.


Yes. I Get Paid For This.

July 23, 2015

Not everything on this site is about beer or naked old ladies.  Some posts are about my career…well…what I do to make money.  

On an exciting note, I had the pleasure of acting in an episode of the kid’s tv show “The Wannabes”.  I played a cranky bouncer in the tween dance club called “Moxi”.  The great news!??  The episodes are finally on iTunes!  I’m super excited!  I’m in Season 2, Episode 4, the “Whacky Manager“.  This is a great show for kids and will entertain adults too…I’ve watched quite a few episodes.  It’s fun, funny and clean humored. My sample part on the sizzle reel below is at 7:31.

The Wannabes Staring Savvy – Season 2 on iTunes 



I Bought This Beer, Why?

July 15, 2015

Have you ever been SO excited to drink a fancy beer, you get yourself “ready” for it? Almost like you would a hot date?

By ready, I mean…you get home from work, put on your most comfortable-est and most favorite-est clothes, put the beer in the freezer to make sure it is super cold/or take it out of the fridge to take the chill off, turn on your favorite movie, i.e. Mission Impossible 1 (don’t judge), get the perfect glass for said beer, rinse it, crack the beer, lovingly pour it in glass, position the full glass and beer bottle in beautiful light, take a picture of both, upload the picture to Instagram, check in on Untapped, walk to the sofa, cover up with that blanket you use when you are getting cozy on the couch, sit back, sniff the beer…scratch that…I mean, slowly inhale the aroma and then…sip.

HEY!  This beer blows!!

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Tasting Beer With Everything You Have!

July 6, 2015

If you are a lover of craft beer and you haven’t seen this short video from Sam Calagione, the founder of Dogfish Head Brewery, You are sorely missing out. Because I’m a beer snob..or maybe just a snob, I drink with my five senses every time I have a beer.  It never gets old to me and makes the experience that much more enjoyable.

On that note, I have thrown out PLENTY of beer that I just can’t stomach. This is not because I’m a snob, this is because I have a job and I’m at the point in my life where I don’t have to down liquor while holding my nose anymore just because it’s cheap or free.  

Now…don’t get me wrong…I LOVE FREE AND/OR CHEAP LIQUOR!  Absolutely LOVE IT!  I just don’t like stuff that tastes like it removes paint. *smile*

Now…when I was in college…um…let’s not go there.  That’s a memory better left to the annals of history…or better yet, another blog post!


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