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June 2015


Is It Me? It Must Be Me.

June 23, 2015

Ahhh..see that beautiful pristine lawn? This story has nothing to do with that. AT ALL.

So…I’m doing a little outside work on the patio this afternoon and take a quick look behind the garage and what in my wondering eyes should appear? Dog poop…LOTS of it.  And no.  I do not have a dog.

If you guys don’t remember the story of the neighbor that dumped a ton of used kitty litter in the same exact same place in my back yard, please feel free to check out ” I Hate People…Especially Bad Neighbors”.

This is starting to seem like a pattern.

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Yes, I’m Alone. Yes, I’m A Woman. No, I’m not a Hooker.

June 10, 2015

Hanging out at bars and/or restaurants alone: A Post For The Ladies

For all of you ladies who are single or travel a lot or are just the type of person who “dosen’t like to eat or drink alone” I have one thing to say.

Get Over Yourself and Go Out…Alone!

I get it.  My title doesn’t garner much confidence, especially if you are really sensitive to how people perceive you when you’re out alone.  But the great thing is…they really don’t care about you anyway. (smile)

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What Have I, What Have I, What Have I Done to Deserve This?

June 1, 2015

So…This morning, someone went downstairs to make me a cup of coffee and I asked, said person to please put in a tablespoon of dried milk.  I was very specific that the dried milk has a large note in the container indicating that it is indeed dried milk.

Ten minutes later I get my coffee and taste it…it had a very strange taste, but, I thought it could be my morning taste buds.  I look at my coffee and it’s NOT a light brown color.

So I ask…”Did you put the dried milk in here like I asked? “

Exasperated, he says, “YES”.

Taking another sip while in utter confusion about the taste…

Me:  “Where did you get the milk”?

Him:  “In the pantry like you said, in the glass jar”.

Me:  “Did you see the note in the jar, that I told you to look for so you know it’s dried milk? “

Him:  “What note?  I just used the flaky stuff in the small glass jar.”

Me:  “SCOTT!!!! That was mashed potato flakes!  You put potato flakes in my coffee”!!!

Him:  “OH.”  Then he says brightly, “That could be a new flavor!

I look at him with disgust.

Him:  “I’ll go make you another coffee…”

And scene…


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