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When In Doubt, Bring Alcohol

May 25, 2015

On this Memorial Day I’m providing you with a laugh…well…not me but this article I came across will provide you with said laugh.

“Foods Your B!tch A$$ Better Not Bring To A Memorial Day Cookout” by Damon Young of VSB (don’t make fun of me changing the dirty words. I try to make this a family blog. Lol)

Even this title has me dying and the comments were classic.  I ALWAYS read the comments of every article I read because sometimes the comments blow the article out of the water.

The title says it all. It is a list of things you should never bring to a cookout…Memorial Day or otherwise. I think you guys will be surprised to know I stick to bringing liquor. Who doesn’t like liquor?  Gluten-frees, vegans, Atkins, South Beach-ers, New Wave, vegetarians, weirdoes and made-up dieters ALL LOVE ALCOHOL.  Easy win.

I had in the past brought a huge shrimp tray with Stone Crab sauce to a party once and that was gone in about 13 minutes flat.  I didn’t even get to have any myself!  I count that as a win too but since I didn’t get to have any, I refuse to buy that item again. Greedy mutha….

Go Ahead…read the article.  Im not trying to send you away from my site but I can give credit where credit is due, VSB is a hilarious blog. You will get a hardy guffaw.

Enjoy Yo-selves…



Picture Internet: Joel Sartore


Beer and Yoga. Together?

May 22, 2015

This could possibly be THE greatest thing I have ever seen.

In.  My.  Life.

I love beer! I love yoga! But together may be orgasmic!  Yea, yea, yea, I don’t get out much. Leave me alone.

Unfortunately, it looks like its on the west side of the country, so I will sadly never be a part of this greatness.  I will take solace in the fact that it just actually exists.  I can live with that…*sips beer and smiles*

‘Beer yoga’ gaining popularity in NM


Picture compliments of “the internet”…


VOICE YOUR OPINION…to yourself quietly.

May 21, 2015

I’m a bit concerned and wonder why some business owners feel they must voice their religious, political or legal gripes online and then, when there is blowback on said gripe, be mad about the consequences?  I’ve been noticing this “trend” lately across the board but specifically in the ever changing world of beer.  I get your brewery, beer store, beer blog, beer vlog or whatever business you have, may not be very big…yet, but that doesn’t mean a thousand eyes aren’t watching your every move.  With the advent of social media, many a person…not just businesspeople have been outed, embarrassed and ruined because they think, 1) what they post won’t be that big of a deal, 2) it won’t reach that many people, 3) if it does reach a lot of people, the majority will, of course, feel the same way, so they’ll be fine.

I get it…you most certainly have a right to free speech.  Say whatever you want, whenever you want, to whomever you want. Look…I’m doing that right now!  But people seem to ALWAYS forget, you are not immune to the CONSEQUENCES of said speech.

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100 Craft Beers for You Lovers Out There…of Beer

May 9, 2015

Honestly…I’m a sucker for lists like this one. Down the road I may make my own list…just so I can drink more be…*clears throat*…I MEAN for scientific purposes!

I can’t believe there are no “The Bruery” bottles in the top ten…not because I have tried any of the top tier ones but because people go ON AND ON AND ON about Grey Monday or Black Tuesday or Mocha Wednesday or Purple Saturday or whatever…I made the last one up. One day I will get my hot little hands on these.

The Siren of Stout rightfully deserves to try every stout/porter/dark beer out there!

Yea..if you want to send me any, my address is

511 Olde Towne Road 80211

Rochester, MI 48308

Talk about a shameless, shameful plug!  So you know…there is NO shame to my game.

100 Craft Beers Every Beer-Lover Should Drink


Bare Naked Ladies: My NY Korean Spa Adventure

May 6, 2015

Here is another repost from my old blog.  This one is a real gem! (Note: I will say that about all of them.)  The pictures attached are not from the spa I went to…THAT one has been shut down. Go figure.

Most people who read this already know I love to try new things..anything just once.  So…I have a love for Korean Spas.  I have no problem with or aversion to other cultures and totally embrace what anyone does.  Hence;  I will sit in a scalding hot pool with 5 naked 65 yr old Korean ladies, not one of them speaking English and have a perfectly good time…

Now on to the the story.

I was itching to hit a 24 hour spa here in New York City and since there is Korea Town, I knew there would be quite a few gems to choose from.  I found three within walking distance from my hotel…and how did I go about choosing a spa? The cheapest one!  That’s how I roll.  The one I picked had a lot of reviews, most of them not so good.  They said the people were rude, pushy, begged for a tip over the recommended 20%, the place was nasty, dirty, peeling paint and was located in a dungeon.  Not entirely accurate but the comparison was closer than the wig tape on Beyonce’s head.  Dosen’t’ matter.  Im undanted.

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My Florida Beercation. So Many Beers…So Little Time…

May 2, 2015

So…my beercation was the bomb. Besides tasting and buying beer all over Florida…I slept in my car, stayed in a hostel and wasn’t arrested.  So all in all, a good time was had. I’m including just a few photos in this blog.  All the rest of the trip photos can be found on my Facebook page Facebook/AdventuresnAles.

Florida is a big azz state and driving from the top to the very bottom and back was no easy feat and I LOVE driving. Just when you think you are close, you have another 4 hours to go.  So…

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